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What makes you decide to read a book?

by | Jun 9, 2011 | Tips For Writers | 1 comment

I’m a sucker for a good book! Being a new author or someone I’ve never heard of has no bearing on whether or not I will read your book.

Initially, I’m attracted to the cover. Colors that catch my attention and how the author or publishing company decided to visually describe the contents of the book.

If you still have my attention….right about now I’m flipping the book over to the back cover. If it’s fiction, does the plot catch my attention? If it’s non-fiction, is there something I can learn?

If you still have my attention…I’m opening it up to the front page, to look at the font. Something about a small font slows me down to a pause. I know…I know. Just my own personal thing. I can’t explain it.  I then read the first lines to see if it grabs my attention, and if it does, I’m walking to the counter to purchase the book. Provided that the price is comparable to other books in its genre.

That’s how I decide to read a book if I don’t know the author. But what makes you continue to read an author? Let’s talk about it next time. In the meantime, what makes YOU decide to read a book? Please share your comments below.

1 Comment

  1. Lisa

    A cover is what draws my attention firsts or if a book falls onto the floor or is positioned strangely, then I will look at it. I then read the book description, if it seems interesting- then I will get it. I also look for names of authors or books that are 'hyped' up.

    A bright colorful book might get looked over by me, because I see a dusty old book. I am draw to old books because I see them as potential collectibles. Often times, I purposely look for books that look old. My most prized possessions- a mid 1800s bible(with flower inside and hymns book), a couple of original Nancy Drew Books, and a couple of Jules Verne books.

    My methods vary on how much time and patience I have.