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Write A Book For Kids That Sells! A Formula That Works!

by | Nov 9, 2014 | Write A Book | 1 comment

Write A Book For Kids That Sells!

What constitutes a great book for kids? This is perhaps one of the most asked questions by children’s writers looking to write a book for kids that will grab their attention and keep them enthralled. In this article, you will discover how to write a book for kids that they’ll want read to them every night.


Write A Book For Kids And Parents!


When you write a book for kids, you need to have great photos. Fact is, young kids, especially those who find themselves just starting to read are obviously more interested in the illustrations of the story, as compared to books filled with a lot of text. As they get older their interest will grow more and more for the words, but the images will grab their attention and reel them in. Same with the older kids, even though they are able to read already, they are still going to be enamored with great photos that highlight the main ideas of the book.


Colorful books are especially attractive to young children. Think about the books you loved as a child (Dr. Seuss, Clifford, etc.) Colorful books are actually great for your children because the vibrant colors provide sensory stimulation.


Okay so now that we’ve discussed the visuals, what about the words? Children love stories about animals, princesses, cars and trucks. And parents love books that teach their children colors, numbers, sharing, and friendship.


When you write a book for kids, while the child is of great importance, think about what elements you’d be looking for as a parent. Would you buy a book where the child is mischievous but never learns why this is not okay? Or would you prefer a book where the child learns why this behavior is unacceptable and the consequences behind their actions. If you’re trying to toilet train a child, wouldn’t a story time book with a child being potty trained be an awesome addition to a parent’s training?


Think of creative ways that you can engage the child and help the parent when you write a book for kids!

Writing in a language, dependent upon the age range of your readers is really important! Write a book for kids that they can follow along with. This will determine if the book will become a favorite or not. Consider the number of words on the page and if the story allows, try rhyming while storytelling!


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  1. Kristen

    We are writing a dinosaur book (self publishing) for pre schoolers about how it’s ok to be different!