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How To Write A Book To Stand Out Among Other Books!

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Write A Book | 1 comment


write a book to stand

Before you sit down to write a book, you may wonder if your book will get lost in the mix of the other thousands of books on the market. Using a few basic principles will help you to write a book to stand out amongst the masses. You can choose your topic with confidence with these helpful tips.

Looking To Write A Book To Stand Out?

Know Your Target Audience

It is best to consider the target audience that your subject will be geared to. Writing to your specific audience will give you the ability to stand out in that area. I like to give the example of Facebook. We’re fed the idea that the number of friends you have means everything. It means something, but it’s not the only determining factor. Engagement is a determining factor as well.

If you have 1000 friends and only 100 of them are interested in your book’s subject matter, you have 100 friends. However, those 100 people care what you have to say. Those are the people who are going to respond and click and share. Speak directly to the people who are interested in your subject matter. When you give thought to the people that will most likely read your book, your content is more relevant and attracts more people interested in your book.

Share Relevant Information

Once you figure out who your target audience is, then you can try your subject matter out. One way to test a reader’s response to a book concept would be to create a blog. The type of feedback you receive on your subject matter can most certainly help you write better quality content. If you don’t want to take on the commitment of a blog, share relevant information on Facebook or Twitter.

Remember, the message is more important than the medium for which you share!

Add Your Unique Personal Touch

If you are a non-fiction writer adding your personal experiences to self-help and memoirs will create a personal connection with the reader. This causes a book to stand out in content. Building in experiences that you have had will bring unique content that is not a copy of someone else’s concepts.

If you are a fiction writer, creating plot points around common everyday experiences will be beneficial. If your character is dealing with a serious issue such as something health-related, you can use this as a way to make your book stand out. For readers who are familiar with the health issue, they will have greater insight into the character you created. That personal touch helps to endear your audience to your writing.

Focus Your Content

Focus your content on the things that you are good at and passionate about. The things you are passionate about will flow effortlessly and be the most effective in reaching your audience. It is not important to write what is popular as much as it is to write what interests you most. Commit to developing your own writing voice. No matter what voice you deliver your content in, there are people who will resonate with it. Don’t believe me, think about the most controversial voices that are popular as of right now!

Use your unique experiences, family structure, geographic location, etc. to shape your voice. Your audience will come.

New And Different Angles

With your personal experiences and writing voice, you have the ability to bring a different angle to your subject matter and write a book to stand out. Readers are looking for new and interesting takes on the subject matter or storylines.

There is a slew of romance stories, what elements can you add that have not been explored before? When I wrote my book The Buzz back in 2008, I hadn’t personally read any books that used 1st person and explored the use of the Internet. So I used that voice in some parts of my writing and my audience loved being able to see what the main character was going on the Internet to do. There are tons of ways to bring new and different angles to a story, be creative!

Using the tips mentioned above will help you to write a book to stand out. You are the only person who can write the subject or storyline that is in your mind. With your own unique experiences, qualities, and perspectives, you have the ability to captivate an audience. Be reminded that you have something worth saying, and there are people that desperately want to hear it.

How do you plan to write a book to stand out? Please share in the comment section below.

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    I agree that people will resonate with it, however, Howard stern could publish a coloring book and it would be number one within days!