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Writers – Who is your support system?

by | Sep 7, 2010 | Personal Development | 6 comments

Writing can be a very isolating experience because most writers choose to write in solitude away from family and friends.

Since writing really doesn’t require the help of others, we often find ourselves holed up in our office, sifting through our imagination, channeling the characters we’ve created in our minds.

In previous posts, I’ve discussed having a group of people with whom you network to further yourself as a writer.

However, who within your immediate circle of friends and family do you choose as your support system?

For encouragement, I go to my mom. With her being a writer, no explanation is needed, she gets it!

She’s been my number one cheerleader since I began writing as a little girl. So whenever I’m having an issue with progressing my story, mom is right there either cheering me on or helping me to find humor in it all.

The simple fact that she understands the writing process, makes her the perfect person to seek support from.

When I need help with a word, mom is there pulling out the dictionary or thesaurus. When I need a different point of view, she offers it. And when I need to talk writing with someone who gets it, she’s there to discuss the overuse of certain words, reading and then rereading our manuscripts, and not finding it exactly easy to release our manuscripts to the world.

My sister is not a writer but she’s who I bounce ideas off of. Most times, I don’t even share with her that our random conversations are based around my novel because I want her to have some element of surprise when she reads it. However, quite often I use things we discuss in conversations as fodder for my book.

And then there are the supporters who email me frequently asking when my next book is coming. Their support lets me know I have a receptive audience who is awaiting the follow up to my novel The Buzz. Their encouraging words give me a subtle push to keep writing.

There are many more people I look to for support but these are my main supporters. Who’s in your support system? Please share in the comment section below.


  1. Raederle Phoenix

    Like you, my mother is my biggest helper. She's my copy-edit, and she also points out misused words, overused words, and weak sentences. My sister-in-law is an aspiring writer, and she's gone through some of my writing and helped as well. I also belong to a writer's group that meets bi-weekly. Several people there have helped me a lot. And of course, my husband is my encouragement.

    • Stefanie

      Sounds like a great support system. I had a guest blogger do a post on writer's group though I've never joined one personally.

  2. GG

    My besties are my support system. Since I mostly write about the ups and downs of being a woman, they are often my inspiration and my audience. They tell me when I need to dig a little deeper or need to be more honest. They tell me when I've put something into words that they felt but couldn't articulate. And bless their hearts, there always there to tell me "Keep writing"…!!

  3. Stefanie

    That's wonderful. I love your blog because of the introspection.

  4. Miriam Pia

    I do a lot of online networking. Loved ones, especially my son, but also my parents – they actually helped fund me while writing a novel for example, and lovers – usually just one at a time, lol – helped support me while writing and doing Mommy stuff. A lot of the support comes from other developing professional writers at this stage. Paychecks are encouraging, and so are readers. When myebook sent me an email telling me another several thousand people have read my novel, or when Angie of Angie's Diary tells me she likes the story; or when Literary Lunes chose to include one of my short stories into an upcoming anthology – all of these things matter!!

    • Stefanie

      That is wonderful Miriam. Sounds like you have a great support system in place. And online networking is a wonderful tool as well!